Gediz University
İstanbul Technical University, Department of Political Studies
Sabancı University

The International Development Ethics Association is a unique international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary group of philosophers, development and environmental theorists, and practitioners. The aim of IDEA is threefold:

  1. To apply ethical reflection to development goals and strategies and to relations between the “North” and “South”. IDEA explicitly formulates and applies ethical principles to the theory and practice of global, national, and local development.
  2. To effect ethically sound development policies, institutions, and practices. In the light of reasonable ethical principles, IDEA is committed to bringing about improvements in development and environmental policies, institutions and projects.
  3. To promote solidarity, mutual support, and interchange among those development theorists and practitioners throughout the world who are seeking to implement ethically better development paradigms and strategies.

IDEA was initiated in Costa Rica in 1984. Ten conferences and various other events have occurred in Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Kenya, Honduras, Chile, Scotland, India, Uganda, Spain, and Nicaragua. More concerning the organization may be gleaned at .

Program committee:
Eric Palmer, Allegheny College (President of IDEA, program co-chair)
Julian Culp, University of Frankfurt (program co-chair)
Sandra Boni, Valencia Polytechnic University
Jay Drydyk, Carleton University
David Crocker, University of Maryland
İştar Gözaydın, Gediz University
Sirkku Hellsten, Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala
Gürcan Koçan Istanbul Technical University
Christine Koggel, Carleton University
Ahmet Öncü, Sabancı University
Chloe Schwenke, Georgetown University

Local committee:
Congress Convenors
  • Ahmet Öncü (Sabancı University)
  • Gürcan Koçan (Istanbul Technical University)
  • İştar Gözaydın (Gediz University)

Congress Managers
  • Görkem Giray (Istanbul Technical University)
  • İkbal Bozkaya (Istanbul Technical University)

Ethics Local Thematic Convenor
  • Giovanni Mion (Istanbul Technical University)